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 The companies that are pursuing business opportunities, conveying the strength of their products and services and developing new markets on a global scale need an effective communication to break language barriers and overcome cultural differences. Thus, they must get a translation service that can give them both local and international appeal on a diversified market.

A successful localization process gives customers a feeling as though the product has been created in their home country. It understands the vernacular, the culture and the customs peculiar to one’s nation.

When it comes to translation of contents, FREE BIRD INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL TRANSLATION SERVICES prides itself on its success in terms of localization. We achieved this result by employing native and locally-based translators to guarantee that the contents of your products and services are marketable to your compatriots.

Our areas of expertise in translation comprise of different industries from the major economic sectors including

  • Online and Ecommerce Translation
  • Website and SEO translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Video Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Medical and scientific translation
  • Judicial and legal translation
  • Commercial and marketing Translation
  • Computer and E-learning Translation
  • Certified and administrative translation

Free Bird IPTS understands that the translation of content goes beyond the literal conversion of words and phrases. The cultural, territorial and linguistic nuances are taken into consideration as well. Our team of certified translators recognizes the rigorous process of translation and thus, interprets contents with utmost care.

At Free Bird IPTS , we will take care of your language translation requirements and give your project contents a positive international charm to the global audience. Contact us today or create a Free Bird account to get your translation projects done!



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