Translation Quality

To ensure the quality of our translation services, Free Bird IPTS follows translation standards and ISO 17100 framework such as the following:

1. Translators are carefully chosen based on your preferred target language for translation.

2. All translated documents have the official translators' stamp. In case of a missing stamp in a translated document, kindly advise us immediately.

3. The standard translated document has the following measurements:

  • Header: 5"
  • Footer: 2.5"
  • Left Margin: 2.5"
  • Right Margin: 2.5"
  • Font: Arial
  • Font Size: 16
  • Space in between lines: 1.5"
  • Maximum of 250 translated words in a page

4. The number of pages of the translated document may differ from the number of pages of the original document.

5. Rates are computed per page of the translated document.

6. Clients may be asked for a copy of passport or other valid ID to verify the spelling of their names in the legal documents.

7. For translations in Arabic, clients may be asked to send a copy of their Emirates ID to verify the Arabic names in the legal documents.

8. Only clear and readable copies of the documents are accepted for translation.

9. For accuracy purposes, some words may not be the exact translation of the original text. Except for legal, medical and technical terms, some words may be translated based on the usage and context where the text is used.

10. In case of inaccuracies on the names or changes in some texts in the translated document, clients are requested to advice Free Bird to make the necessary changes which will be subjected to an additional fee or it will be free of charge.

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